Welcome. Allow us to present to you the largest regional conference dedicated exclusively to the internet, the most important medium of our time. 

The aim of the congress is to bring together scientists and professionals in the interdisciplinary presentation of new communication technologies and new ways of digital communication in the service of citizens and public interest. Congress participants will be able to learn more about the processes, technologies, procedures, resources and conditions of media convergence, as well as the processes of convergence of interest, which implements the obligation of new media policy, new legislation and new education of experts.

Participate as a researcher, expert, educator or knowledgeable end user

Digital media and the Internet have a significant, wide and complex impact on the entire society and culture and smart-internet-18 will bring together all the interested professionals who can present the impact and challenges of the Internet, mobile services, smart devices, robots, personal computers and telecommunications technologies in the field of journalism, entertainment, culture, education, politics, commerce and everyday life.

We invite you to contribute your knowledge and experience to one of the planned sections of the congress:

* Media Communication Aspects / Media Convergence
* Marketing aspects of the Internet, mobile marketing and social networks
* Technological aspects, mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT)
* Application of Digital Technologies in Economics (e-business, e-commerce, digital money)
* Internet in the Service of Public Interest / Participatory Culture

The congress smart-internet-18 is largest regional gathering of this kind. Participate as a researcher, a marketing expert, a public relations expert, an educator, a creative industry representative, a journalist, a media expert or knowledgeable end user of new technologies.

Exchange your knowledge and new information on a digital society in planned workshops. Take part in panels. present your projects or expose your scientific research.

Respectfully  yours,

prof. Nada Zgrabljic Rotar, Ph.D. President of Congress