Read the introductory address delivered by Dario Rahelic at the opening of the 6th Croatian Diabetes Congress and the 80th Days of Diabetologis with international participation. 

It is my honor and pleasure to welcome you to the 6th Croatian Diabetes Congress and the 80th Days of diabetologists with international participation, in the beautiful town of Poreč.

The Days of Diabetologists are traditional semiannual gathering of Croatian experts in the field of diabetology and are dedicated to various topics related to diabetes.

The main topics of the Congress are cardiovascular trials in diabetology, hypoglicemia and personalized medicine.

I am glad to invite you to participate and, by displaying your work to actively contribute to the success of 6th Croatian Diabetes Congress.

I wish you a successful participation and I hope that the lectureswill be useful in everyday practice. I wish you a pleasant stay in Poreč and many new friendships with colleagues from Croatia and abroad.

Asst. prof. Dario Rahelić, MD, PhD, FACE, FRCP Edin.

President of the Croatian Society for Diabetes

and Metabolic Disorders of the Croatian Medical Association