Looking forward to the smart_internet conference? So are we. These are our upcoming speakers and features

1. Media communication aspect / Media convergence

// head: prof. Nada Zgrabljić Rotar, PhD

  • Media Convergence and New Legislation
  • Convergence of Mass media and Public interest
  • Mass media convergence and Market competition
  • Convergence and HRT
  • Internet portals and freedom of expression
  • New Media and Democracy
  • New media and New audiences
  • New media and Political elections
  • New media and New trends in journalism
  • Digital environment and Culture of news
  • New media and New media culture: sound, text and video
  • New Media and Culture
  • Communication paradigm of the Video games
  • Social Networks and Social Communication Paradox
  • Facebook and Equality

2. Marketing Aspects / Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, e-Business

// head: prof.Drago Ružić, PhD

  • Digital connection of integrated marketing communications
  • Consumers’ behavior in the digital environment
  • Social network management
  • Marketing communication via email
  • Digital marketing metrics
  • E-business models
  • E-commerce
  • Challenges of mobile marketing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Digital money and cryptocurrencies
  • Internet research

3. Technological aspect
// head: prof. Predrag Pale, PhD

Congress of Digital Society deals with the influences of modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) on man and society as a whole. The set consists of consultations, lectures, workshops, product presentations and social events. The “Technology …” sector is intended for the scientific community, the professional community, the media, and all interested in the properties of technology and its impact on social development. There are particular expectations of interdisciplinary interaction of participants throughout the conference, as lecturers with each other and with all other participants. It is expected that lectures in this sector will talk about new technologies, researches dealing with the development of new technologies, the consequences of using technology by the individual or whole society, the benefits and disadvantages, adverse effects, and the need for new technologies. Technology reviews, project views, case studies, calls for co-operation in future projects are also welcome.

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • New forms of interpersonal communication
  • User Interfaces by Physical Environment
  • Technology in Healthcare
  • Intelligent environment
  • Security and privacy
  • Technology and education
  • Automation and robotics
  • Technology-Supported Living
  • Internet stuff

5. HUB385 corner & workshops

  • Workshops for children
  • IoT stands and exhibitions
  • Drones Race
  • Exhibition of robots with demonstration
  • Startup stars & bars / Morena Šimatić, Bellabeat & Ivan Mrvoš, Include
  • Ivica Mudrinić / telecoms and new technologies
  • Michela Magaš / how innovations change the world we know