Just a couple of tips that you should keep in mind before setting of on your first pilgrimage. If you need anything else, we can help you

You are set for your spiritual trip. However, before you leave home, you should take a look at a couple of tips we have for you before you set of on a pilgrimage that could potentially change your life. Trust us, we know from experience that some of this advice might make or break your trip.

  • Keep your expectations realistic. Read up on the location you are visiting. Most holy places recommend that you visit in either the spring or the fall. The winter does not offer the conditions to enjoy the natural wonders that usually surround these places. On the other hand, summers are too hot so you will not be able to focus on anything else but the heat.
  • Be careful when you pack. Keep in mind that most holly places will demand a lot of physical effort from you. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes. Even though most holy places usually do not have a special dress code, keep in mind that it would be advisable that you chose more modest clothes with longer sleeves. Ladies, we suggest you not wear high heels, as sneakers will be better for all the walking you will have to do.
  • Plan your expenses in advance, you do not want any surprises in the middle of your trip. ATI experts will gladly help you out with all the necessary information on expenses that are not included in your travel package.
  • Yes, grab as many photos as you can. However, keep in mind that not all places allow photographs. ATI guides will direct you to the places that are great for photography and those that should be avoided.
  • Postpone your shopping spree until the last day. Our trips are always planed in a way to see as many locations as possible. Which could be difficult if you are hauling shopping bags around