Learn why we decided to launch the smart-internet-18 conference and how it fits into your digital life

The everyday challenges of digital transition point to the imperative to establish a roof regional event related to the Internet and digital media. Combined with the Internet, personal computers and smart devices, digital media has caused tremors in publishing, journalism, entertainment, education, trade and politics. Digital media poses new challenges in the sensitive domain of copyright and intellectual property, encouraging an open flow of content in which content authors voluntarily waive some or all of their legal rights for their work.

The ubiquity of digital media and their impact on society suggests that we are at the beginning of the new era in industrial history, called the information age. Digital media and the Internet have a significant, wide and complex impact on the entire society and culture. These are the reasons behind the launch of the smart-internet-18 summit, which will network the stakeholders of this “broadband” and rapidly growing sector.