We take a look at how Virgin Atlantic, one of the most successful airlines in the world, modernised and improved its services and customer experience and how this can be applied to a boutique travel factory like ATI

Past and former ATI partners know that it is a boutique agency, specialising primarily in congress tourism. And although the word boutique has become very popular in the last few years and is often used in the wrong context. However, ATI has built its reputation on tailoring its services to every client. So it truly is a boutique agency. They are fully aware that new trends in the organisation of congress tourism impose advanced organisational and technological solutions fully adapted to the industry and its demands.

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They will always offer more services to their clients, make it easier for them to work and create a better experience.

Similarly, the leadership of Virgin Atlantic, one of the most successful airline companies in the world, decided to offer their passengers a wi-fi signal during entire cross continental flights. So far this service was quite common on European flights, but Virgin Atlantic has gone a step further.

It was a significant challenge since they could not rely on a signal coming from earth and had to divert their technology to acquire signals from satellites.

The service, depending on the price of the ticket, costs from 2.99 to 14.99 pounds, and is now mostly used by business people who do not consider the ocean flight lost time any more. Panasonic technology that allows the use of the Internet during the flight over the Atlantic is currently being built into the airlines’ Boeing 787s and 747s and the company announced that wi-fi is most commonly used on flights between London and New York and San Francisco and Atlanta.