How and why we created the first and only water conference in Croatia and what it means in the broader context of the region and Europe

H2O SUMMIT, 1st International Water Congress is the first and only event of this kind in Croatia. Water protection is the key theme of modern society in all its aspects; Legislative, implementing, but also the one that deals with the abuse of water resources. The fact that water is best regulated economic activity in the EU simply imposes the need for – not just legal – but also ethical regulation of water issues at all levels in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe.

The bottled water market will be valued at $1 trillion by 2020


Radical change of awareness for water as a resource at all levels as well as long-term education of the widest public about the meaning of water as a unique source of life.

The starting point

The name H2O SUMMIT already suggests that the congress is based on a scientific level. The long-term goal of the traditional manifestation is to raise long distance awareness of waters and preserve them.

For the wider public, the issues of water management and the loss of water in cities are extremely important. On the other hand, it is a fact that over the last few decades, global sales of bottled water have become one of the world’s leading businesses, currently estimated at about $ 60 billion, and by 2020, the value of that market will be worth $ 1 trillion. Croatia has a wealth of high quality drinking water reserves. This market grows annually by an average of 15%. The fact that Croatia is in the company of thirty water rich countries in the world is saying that here lays a strong and so far insufficient economic potential.

Project Founders

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, Croatian Waters, EBRD, Croatian Environmental Protection Agency (HAOP), Croatian Water Protection Society (HDZV), Croatian Academy of Technical Sciences (HATZ)*, EWA (European Water Association) and IWA (International Water Association).

* H2O SUMMIT will mark 25th anniversary of HATZ’s founding