What do you do when you see that the world is moving full speed ahead? Well, you catch up with it. You learn the tricks that younger generations are expecting from you and you adapt. Then, when you catch up with the basics, you can start to explore your options and blow the competition out of the water. 

The congress tourism industry over the past five years has been making progress and changes, thanks to the development of new technologies and to the increasing participation of millenials. It has been focusing on the development of multidisciplinary business events and the introduction of education and entertainment, so that visitors can participate in conferences in a completely different way. We have explored some of the trends and how the leading agencies specialising in this kind of tourism adapt to new trends and new consumer groups.

Use technology to meet the needs of your clients. They will thank you

Every event organiser faces the challenge to adapt to new times because digitisation has completely transformed every industry. Though numbers speak to support the growth of congress tourism, companies are increasingly saving and choosing which conferences they are going to go to, and they want a full experience, far more information than talks can usually provide, and want to become acquainted with the location of the conference in a very short amount of time (48 hours on average).

Therefore, the MICE industry uses all the technological opportunities to meet the needs of the participants. The trend is, due to the reduction of the company’s budget, an increase in number of speakers, with some participating via a video link. Mobile applications are replacing brochures as an easier way to communicate with participants. More than 80% of advertising budgets are spent on digital platforms which allow for more targeted marketing and better reach.

The last trend that is growing in the MICE industry, but certainly not the least, is organising events at authentic locations.