Everything to do with water. We do not just drink it. We study it, we sell it, we market it, we innovate with it. We live with it. 

Program guidelines

H2O SUMMIT is an international scientific expert meeting, where awareness of all levels of meaning and use of water in modern society, especially in consumption and tourism today, rises to a brand new level. H2O SUMMIT discusses a water-based product market, investments and market consolidation, international portfolio management, product innovations and brand new customer habits, and the development of the water based beverage market and the potential of tourist exploitation of water resources.

Basic scientific and professional topics

1. Water protection and protection from waters / regional ministerial conference, water policy and cooperation
2. Water management and use of waters / regional conference of state water agencies, water policies and cooperation
3. Water Supply and Drainage / Spiritual, Educational and Scientific Dimension of Conservation and Use of Water Resources

General issues on water / plenary and sectional topics

• water within the urban environment / water management
• water as Resource / resource protection
• water as an energy source
• state of water and water ecosystems
• systems for water and land design and use
– water policy and education
– legal regulation in the EU
– communal aspects / patterns of sales of water / wastewater and drainage water
– science and application of water management
– water, air, food, energy
– Cities of the Future (New Order on Water Resources, Food, Cities, Energy and Industry, especially in Central and South Eastern Europe / example of Santander, Spain)
– management of utility services
– providing new and traditional water resources for the future
– Water and Ecosystem (Drainage and Water Circuit)
– art level of project (music, literature, film, etc.)
– education