Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in cold sweat, remembering that you forgot that one little detail? Yes, it happened to us too, many years ago. We put together this little checklist some time ago in order to make sure that it never happens to us again. Maybe it can help you out too.

In theory, we all know that high quality preparation for a meeting or conference is still the most important part of the job. It will largely dictate whether the event will be successful or complete fiasco. But that’s just in theory. Practice has shown that often, for various reasons, we simply do not prepare for the event we organise on time.

A checklist is a must for a worry-free organising experience. Trust us

Thanks to the many years of experience in organising smaller and larger business events, we put together a Checklist that will help you keep everything under control because, believe us, you want it. It does not make you a control freak but an organised and professional person.

So, before the next event, make this list and honestly answer all the questions:

  1. Did you specify the topic of the congress precisely and specifically?
  2. Are you completely sure that everything you want to achieve can only be resolved at a meeting rather than by email?
  3. Did you make a preliminary meeting plan?
  4. Did you delegate assignments to your employees?
  5. Have you made enough advance decisions on where and when to hold a meeting?
  6. Did you confirm in advance that the space that you are interested in available?
  7. Did you send out invitations to everyone?
  8. Did all participants receive a preliminary meeting plan so that they could prepare?
  9. Did you personally contact people who you think should be contacted?
  10. Have you pre-determined the principle by which decisions will be made at the meeting?
  11. Have you tested all the electronic equipment that you need?
  12. And, in the end, did you prepare yourself well? Do you have presentations, infographics and all the information you need?
  13. It is not crucial to the success of the meeting, but everyone likes to drink water, coffee or tea at meetings lasting more than 15 minutes. Make sure in time and for that.

If all of this seems to you complicated and demands a lot of work in practice, you are not wrong. It’s easy to make a list of obligations, but when you start filling it out, you will realise that it is not as simple as the layman would at first glance.

We have experience in organising larger and smaller meetings, running groups and organising multi-day conferences so you can always contact us to organise business events for you.