Pula is one of the most breathtaking cities you will ever see. This is just one of the reasons why you should check out smart-internet-18

The intention is to establish smart-internet-18 as a competitive and long-term product with a “pronounced perspective on development” and branding Pula as a “digital city”. The idea is to build an authentic interior that will be long-term identifiable with Pula, and fits with the Tourism Development Strategy in Pula by 2020, where conceptual support is given to innovative events and products that connect segments of active and cultural tourism with modern art and modern technology. Pula already through a series of activities expressed ambition in the direction of positioning of destinations that prizes and intelligently evaluate its rich cultural and historical heritage, but also strongly promotes the contemporary civilization and technological achievements. The Infobip  company, which is based in this area, is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, the Visualia Festival is also a successful demonstration of such efforts, and – largely thanks to the unique lighting installation Lighting Giant – Pula’s citizen Dean Skira is today a brand on the world scale

smart-internet-18 will be a long-term product that will brand Pula as a digital city

Through a unique business and tourism product smart-internet-18  on multi channel level upgrades the starting task and promotes Pula as the most “technologically aware” city in the region. The term of maintenance is outside the main tourist season, thus actively contributing to the expansion of the tourist season and introducing a number of new opportunities for new, targeted visits to Pula, thematic excursions, filling hotel capacities and all other accompanying activities through which the entire local community has long-term benefits.

It is prepared a series of special events (exhibitions, concerts, networking, application / sweepstakes, etc.) which will be held at various locations in the city, and would thus local communities transformed into proactive project participants.

smart-internet-18 is positioned as the leading event in this segment at the regional level. The aim is to create a new value through the detailed preparation and accurate execution of a top-notch and innovative event, bringing together leading European experts in digital communication in Pula and representatives of the relevant supporting industries.

The ultimate goal is to realize the growth of foreign guests’ arrivals, the increase in overnight stays and ultimately the total tourist spending in the pre-season. The long-term goal is to open up a series of unused sales and marketing platforms and channels. At the European level, Pula is positioned as the leading “historical city that loves technology”.