Sporting events organized by ATI reflect the spirit of our team -they are active, motivating, and dynamic!

We have organized numerous competitions and tournaments, in Croatia and abroad, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, successful athletes, and popularize different types of sports among children and youth.

Sports tournaments

of all types

  • We organize local, regional, national, and international sports tournaments
  • We manage preparational training camps for football and handball teams
  • We promote sports such as football, futsal, handball, American football, tennis, teqball, cheerleading
  • We educate trainers, professional associates, and parents through seminars, workshops, symposia, and conferences
  • We emphasize the partnership, inclusion, and development of lifelong sport engagement

Logistics, budgeting,


  • We will carry out the overall organization of the event: site selection, reservations, and coordination of sports halls and fields, competition schedule, participation fees, accompanying events etc.
  • We book accommodation and transfer participants to and from the location of the event (bus, van)
  • We plan the budget, ask for sponsorships and guarantee transparent financial reports upon completion
  • We provide all services of marketing promotion (web and social networks, press releases, newsletters, printing, and distribution of promotional materials)
  • We hire professional photographers and cameramen, animators of sports programs
  • We engage brand ambassador to grow your event
  • We design and produce all accompanying materials (printing on clothes, props, posters) as well as an engraving of won awards and trophies

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